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The Lead Poisoning Treatment & Prevention Program organizes and hosts educational events, including professional and community group seminars.

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2022 Fundamentals of Lead Poisoning: Starting with Standards

2021 Lead Poisoning: A Lifetime Challenge

2020 Lead Poisoning Prevention: It’s Still Making News

2019 Lead Poisoning Prevention: A Collaborative Effort

Federal Actions to Eliminate Lead Poisoning
Warren Friedman, PhD, CIH, FAIHA

An Update on New York State Lead Initiatives and New Regulatory Requirements
Kristen A. Navarette, MD, MPH, FAAP

New York City’s Roadmap to Eliminating Childhood Lead Exposure
NYC Commissioner Kathryn Garcia

2018 Lead Poisoning

The Biochemical Effects of Lead Exposure in the Skeleton
Eric E. Beier, PhD

"Background" Level Lead Exposure: A Reproductive Toxicant?"
Michael S. Bloom, PhD, MS

Lead Poisoning: Clinical Effects - A Pediatric Emergency Medicine Perspective
Fred M. Henretig, MD

2017 Lead Poisoning: A Global Problem

Lead Poisoning 101: The Basics
Morri Markowitz, MD

A Developmental Perspective on Lead Neurotoxicity
David C. Bellinger, PhD

2016 Lead Poisoning: Everybody's Battle

Lead 101: The Persistent Problem of Lead Poisoning in Childhood and Pregnancy
Morri Markowitz, MD

The Business Case for Protecting Children from Environmental Hazards
Leonardo Trasande, MD, MPP

Effects of Lead on Brain Development and Function and Implications for Academic Achievement
Jay S. Schneider, PhD, Thomas Jefferson University

The Politics of Lead
Matthew J. Chachere

Montefiore (only):
Lead Poisoning: A Pediatrician’s Perspective
Howard Weinberger, MD

Alternative Treatments for Lead Poisoning
Jacqueline Ehrlich, MD, MPH

It Takes a Community: Organizing Around Lead
Stanley Schaffer, MD

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2015 Lead Poisoning: How Do We Decide What It Is and How to Treat It?

Recent Developments in Environmental and Housing-Related Lead Standards
David E. Jacobs, PhD, CIH

The Case Against Lowering The Action Level For Childhood Blood Lead Levels
George G. Rhoads MD, MPH

How Do We Set Blood Lead Standards?
Deborah A. Cory-Slechta, PhD

Prevention Paradox: Why a Little Lead is Too Much
Bruce Lanphear, MD, MPH

Lead Poisoning in Children and Pregnant Women in 2014: A Worldwide Problem

Lead Poisoning in Children and Pregnant Women 2013: A Persistent Public Health Problem Lead Poisoning 2015: How Do We Decide What It Is and How to Treat It?Lead Poisoning 2015: How Do We Decide What It Is and How to Treat It?

Lead Poisoning Treatment and Prevention Program