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Lead Poisoning Treatment and Prevention Program



The Lead Poisoning Treatment and Prevention Program has contributed to the understanding of mechanisms of lead toxicity, diagnostic modalities and treatment outcomes. We have engaged in National Institutes of Health (NIH)-, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)- and foundation-funded wet bench and clinical research that has impacted the management of lead poisoning in children and pregnant women.

Our lead poisoning prevention research is currently aimed at empowering parents to identify lead-based paint hazards in their homes on their own, before their children become poisoned.

One project focuses on determining whether parents can be taught to become proficient in collecting dust samples from floors and windowsills to determine if lead is present to a hazardous degree. The goal is to develop a self-driven guide, such as a DVD, that can demonstrate for the parent how to collect and mail dust samples for analysis using an inexpensive prepared kit.

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Lead Poisoning Treatment and Prevention Program