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The Phoebe H. Stein Child Life Program at CHAM recognizes the unique emotional and developmental needs of children and their families throughout their healthcare experience. The role of the Child Life Program is to help children successfully cope with illness, injury and treatment so that they may continue to live normal lives during their healthcare experience.

A stay in the hospital can be an especially challenging time for children and their families. In addition to the initial distress of illness and injury, unfamiliar faces, sounds, smells and surroundings may leave children feeling anxious, isolated and uncomfortable.

Child life specialists are professionals trained at a bachelor's or master's level that can be certified by the Association of Child Life Professionals to help patients, ranging from newborns to young adults, and their families minimize stress and trauma during medical events. Our program:

  • Creates a comfortable and familiar hospital environment for children and families.
  • Educates children and their families on illnesses, injuries, medical equipment and treatment.
  • Prepares children and their families for tests, procedures and surgeries.
  • Addresses common fears and misunderstandings and provides emotional support.
  • Supplies children with age-appropriate recreational activities in the playroom and at bedsides.

Child Life Program Leadership


Meghan Kelly, MSEd, CCLS

Child Life Director


Ingrid Ordóñez-Street, MEd, SpEd, CCLS

Child Life Program Supervisor

Your Generosity Means So Much!
Your Generosity Means So Much!

“Thank you for supporting our program! Items purchased will be used in playrooms, at bedside, and for special occasions or accomplishment​s. We can use multiples of all the items on the list. Please scroll down to see the entire list. The items on this list have been specifically selected for our hospital based on the needs of the units. For infection control purposes and safety, all donations must be new and in original packaging (sorry no stuffed animals). Please include your name and address so that we may send a "Thank You" note. The children at CHAM thank you for your generosity.

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Donate to Phoebe H. Stein Child Life Program

Child Life Program Director
Meghan D. Kelly, MSEd, CCLS
Phone: 718-741-2360

For Volunteers, School and Community Organizations, Toy Donations
Child Life Program Supervisor
Ingrid Ordóñez-Street, MEd/SpEd, CCLS
Phone: 718-741-2556

For Practicum Opportunities
Senior Child Life Specialist, Practicum Coordinator
Talia Haviv, MS, CCLS 

For Internship Opportunities
Senior Child Life Specialist, Internship Coordinator
Mary Kate Kelly, MS, CCLS