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Clinical Pathways

Our physicians at CHAM are following standard approaches to providing care for patients. Our goal is to improve quality of care and promote better patient outcomes. Clinical pathways are intended only as a resource guide of standard practices for practitioners.

If you have any questions about clinical pathways, or the process of creating clinical pathway, please contact: Chhavi Katyal, MD Medical Director, Children’s Hospital at Montefiore 718-741-2476 Office

Clinical Care Pathway

Clinical Asthma Pathway (ED and Inpatient)

Critical Care Medicine Clinical Asthama Pathway

Critical Care Medicine Asthma Pathway


Complicated Pneumonia/Parapneumonic Effusion Pathway

High Flow Nasal Cannula Clinical Pathway: Bronchiolitis

Status epilepticus Clinical Pathway

Status Epilepticus Clinical Pathway


Febrile Neutropenia Pathway


ED Clinical Bronchiolitis Pathway


Inpatient Clinical Bronchiolitis Pathway