Residency and Fellowship

Residency and Fellowship at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore

CHAM Visiting Pediatric Elective

Opportunities for a one-month rotation in New York City at one of the nation’s top children’s hospitals.

Get the superior training you desire while enjoying free lodging nearby.

The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM) offers 4-week rotations to visiting medical students and pediatric residents interested in pursuing training in select areas of pediatrics. Selected applicants will be provided with free lodging in apartments across the street from CHAM for the 4-week period.

Eligible Applicants

Applicants who are eligible for this opportunity should fulfill any one or more of these requirements:

  • Interest in pediatric training in academic general pediatrics, cardiology, endocrinology, infectious diseases, nephrology, pulmonary and sleep medicine or rheumatology
  • Research interest - Evidence of scholarly activity in pediatrics, which is defined as (but not limited to) MD/PhD, abstracts/publications in the field, and/or research year during medical school
  • Underrepresented in medicine - A medical student or trainee from a group that is underrepresented in academic medicine
  • Trainee at an ACGME-accredited program with evidence of financial hardship

Program Description

The program offers eligible trainees the opportunity to spend a month in New York City rent-free while completing an elective rotation.

  • Trainees will be provided with a studio apartment across the street from CHAM.
  • Visiting medical students and trainee will have access to all aspects of the training program including clinical conferences, teaching sessions, grand rounds, guest lectures access to faculty, conference rooms, and facilities.
  • Visiting residents will receive a comprehensive schedule with goals
    and objectives of the rotation, and will be guaranteed an interview, should they apply to the program for pediatric fellowship training.
  • Trainees will work with a talented, dedicated and diverse group of pediatric residents and fellows. Many of our graduates go on to successful careers in academic medicine, health care administration, advocacy, private practice, and industry.

Application Process

Interested trainees and medical students should contact Dr. Beatrice Goilav at Submit your CV and letter of interest, specifying your desired area of interest and dates for rotations.

Your program director must be copied on the initial email. Requests should be submitted at least
6 months prior to the start of the rotation and require pre-approval by your home institution’s program leadership. All submissions will be reviewed by a committee of program directors. Once eligibility is confirmed, you will receive an application package that must be completed by a specified timeframe. The application process may vary depending on your US citizenship/visa status and will be adjusted, if necessary, on a case-by-case basis.