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Pediatric Sleep Disorders Center

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MMG_Castle_Hill_2013_05-697_316x210When your child has multiple medical conditions that require ventilators or other medical equipment, navigating physicians' offices can be stressful and time-consuming. That's why the Children's Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM) provides a staff and patient area just for families with special needs children.

The warm pediatricians, nurses, and physicians' assistants at LINCS (Linking Individual Needs of Children with Services) understand your challenges, and take special steps to make you feel welcome. Our entire 5th floor staff (including receptionists, social workers, and case managers) is familiar with pediatric patients who require medical equipment such as breathing machines, feeding tubes, and wheelchairs.

We specialize in the care of children with multiple chronic illnesses who live at home, and educate future physicians about providing comprehensive care in the model of a medical home. We work with pediatric and surgical specialists within CHAM as well as home nursing agencies, regional & community pharmacies, local programs that provide non-medical home services and home hospice programs to provide coordinated and expert care for medically fragile and complex children. Among the myriad of medical technologies and specialized needs of our patients, we aim to focus on the child as a person and member of a larger family unit.

Need a mental health, developmental, or other medical specialist? LINCS has immediate access to specialists from all areas of CHAM and the Montefiore Medical Center. Many are nationally recognized for their expertise in children's health, including asthma, seizures, cerebral palsy, genetic conditions, infectious diseases, developmental delay and adolescent gynecology.

We first meet many of our patients at the well-baby nurseries within CHAM's Weiler Hospital and the Wakefield Campus Hospital, and continue to treat them throughout childhood. Once our patients become young adults, LINCS works to transition the care of adolescents or those whose conditions have improved to appropriate providers within the Montefiore network.

All of our team physicians and the specialists to whom we refer share CHAM technology and records, so your child's information is always up-to-date.