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Integral Members of the Interdisciplinary Patient Care Team

Nurses are vital to all that we do; they embody the spirit of humanity, service, expertise and innovation that defines us and our focus on superior patient outcomes.  

We employ nearly 3,000 nurses across more than 50 disciplines to assist in the provision of a full range of inpatient and outpatient services for adults and children. Our nurses practice in many different settings and circumstances. These include:

  • Four acute-care hospitals
  • Long-term care and rehabilitation facilities
  • Specialty and primary care ambulatory sites
  • Homes, schools and community programs

Delivering Premium Care

To patients and their families, our nurses provide steadfast comfort and guidance. To the physician, nurses are trusted colleagues who share a desire to meet the needs of our patients.

Nursing at the Children's Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM) is grounded in an outcome-centered professional practice model that reflects:

  • Compassion
  • Exemplary evidence-based practice
  • A spirit of innovation and inquiry, empowerment, autonomy and accountability

Our nurses are empowered to improve patient outcomes and deliver superlative patient care at every turn. We encourage responsibility, collegiality, pride in one’s work and willingness to look toward constructive collaboration in the workplace at every turn. 

A Legacy of Caring, Commitment and Superior Outcomes 

Nurses who join CHAM choose a career, not a job. Studies have shown that stable practice environments allow nurses to provide better, more consistent and inspired care.  This is certainly the case at CHAM: our remarkably low nursing turnover rate is one reason why nurses choose to work with us over a host of other alternatives in the New York metropolitan area.

Be Part of Something Special

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If you desire to make a difference, aspire to new professional heights, and want to work with the best and brightest in medicine, we may be the perfect fit for you. We invite you to learn more about CHAM, and explore nursing employment opportunities. Discover for yourself what distinguishes a nursing career at CHAM—and the many ways in which we are constantly striving to advance care for our patients and the profession as a whole.


Watch this Video to Hear Stories of Care from Montefiore Nurses
Watch this Video to Hear Stories of Care from Montefiore Nurses

We employ more than 3,000 nurses across more than 50 disciplines. Our nurses are known for their excellence in nursing practice and their compassion and commitment to improving the health of their patients. They choose to practice here because of the people, experiences and opportunities that our unique organization offers.