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Your Room, Belongings and Valuables

Patient units are organized according to medical specialties, such as surgery, oncology, intensive care, epilepsy and cardiology. All hospital rooms are equipped for your medical care, comfort and safety. There are two types of rooms available to patients: semi-private and private. If you would like a private room (which has a separate charge, not covered by insurance), discuss this preference with the Admitting Office. Private rooms are also designated isolation rooms. On rare occasions, we will need to move you if the room is needed for isolation. 

You will have an identification bracelet placed on your wrist, and it is important that you keep this bracelet on at all times because it is an important part of our procedures to protect your safety. 

We suggest that you don’t keep your street clothes or valuables with you in the hospital. Ask a friend or family member to take them home. The hospital has a safe for your valuables, and if you have not sent them home, we urge you to let us put them in our safe. Just ask your nurse for assistance. 

Electrical appliances (razors, televisions, radios, etc.) are not permitted in the hospital because their use may interfere with the medical equipment. Battery-powered items are permitted. 

Montefiore cannot be held responsible for your personal items. To prevent possible loss, please be sure to put your eyeglasses, dentures or hearing aids in a container clearly marked with your name and room number when you are not using them. DO NOT wrap them in tissues or leave them on your meal tray, as they may be inadvertently discarded. Also, make sure your eyeglasses, dentures, hearing aids, electronic devices and assistive devices, such as canes or walkers, are included in the inventory your nurse/nurse aide will fill out when you are admitted. 

If you should misplace something during your stay, please let a staff member know so he or she can initiate a search. Remember to take care of your belongings. 

Call Bell and Intercom System 

Your call bell is located at your bedside. By pressing the button, a buzzer will sound at the patient unit work station, and your call will be answered immediately in person. Make sure you use the call bell if your condition changes and you need help. 

Bed Controls

Your bed is operated electrically and can be adjusted to several positions. Ask for assistance if you need help adjusting your bed. 

Television and Telephone Services 

Montefiore, in association with TeleHealth Services, offers an instant and easy method for the rental of your bedside television and telephone services. 

Rental Information: 

  • Combined rental TV/phone . . . . $10.00/day
  • Television rental . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6.00/day
  • Telephone rental . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4.00/day 

The television rental includes an expanded variety of DIRECTV channels and local channels. The telephone rental includes unlimited local usage of your telephone. 

For your convenience, charges for these services may be billed to your credit card or be paid in cash. To activate your television or telephone service, dial the number listed below and follow the voice prompts. If a credit card payment is selected, enter your credit card number and expiration date. Charges will be submitted when you are discharged from the hospital. If a cash payment is selected, services will be turned on and a representative will visit your room to collect cash payment that day. 

Please allow a few minutes for the services to begin. Once you have activated the television service, turn the TV to any local channel to begin enjoying your service. 

For Activation and Cancellation:

• Moses Campus: 718-920-3020
• Einstein Campus: 718-904-8200
• Wakefield Campus: 718-920-9851 

TeleHealth representatives are in the hospital seven days a week to assist you with your TV and telephone needs. 

To speak to a TeleHealth representative or for TV and telephone repair: 

• Moses Campus: 718-920-8400
• Einstein Campus: 718-904-2017
• Wakefield Campus: 718-920-9851 

In TouchTM Network on your TV 

Turn to Channel 75 for hour-long readings
from national newspapers and magazines and
to keep current with world events. This free radio broadcast has been developed for blind, visually impaired and physically disabled listeners. However, anyone can enjoy the readings. 

The Care NetworkTM

Tune to Channel 70 at Moses, 67 at Einstein, or 53–56 at Wakefield for relaxing, comforting music and images. 

The Newborn Channel 

On maternity units, you can view educational selections about caring for yourself and your baby. Ask a nursing associate for a program guide. 

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