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derm3_316x210.jpgThe Division of Dermatology at CHAM offers proactive and compassionate care for a wide range of congenital or acquired abnormalities of the skin, nails, hair and mucous membranes—from the most common to the very rare and complex.

Our team is skilled at taking care of children of all ages, from newborns to adolescents and young adults. 




Diana H. Lee, MD, PhD

We strive to provide the best pediatric dermatological care to our patients, collaborating with pediatricians and other subspecialists to provide superlative interdisciplinary care.

Diana H. Lee, MD, PhD

Director, Pediatric Dermatology
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine (Dermatology)
Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics




Diana H. Lee. MD, PhD—one of the very few pediatric dermatology specialists in the tri-state area—leads our division. A well-known expert in her field, Dr. Lee is board-certified in pediatrics, dermatology, and pediatric dermatology. Within our division, children also have access to expert care from the many other specialists throughout CHAM and Montefiore Health System. 

These include pediatric rheumatologists, pediatric geneticists, pediatric hematologist-oncologists, pediatric allergist-immunologists, pediatric surgeons and pediatric radiologists, in addition to others. 

New collaborative services will include a joint genetics-dermatology clinic with pediatric geneticists to address inherited skin diseases such as ichthyoses and blistering disorders. A multi-disciplinary vascular anomalies service involving cardiologists, pediatric radiologists, interventional radiologists, ophthalmologists, oncologists, surgeons and other specialists is also in the works. Treatment of vascular birthmarks with pulsed dye laser and surgical options for certain skin conditions will be offered in conjunction with a procedural dermatologist who has extensive expertise in treating children and adolescents.

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derm2_316x210.jpgThe Division of Dermatology at CHAM is dedicated to preventing and treating skin diseases and disorders through compassionate patient care and innovative research. Our multidisciplinary group of investigators are involved in a number of clinical trials that offer patients the chance to receive promising experimental treatments. 

Patients can now enroll in clinical trials for skin conditions including psoriasis, wound healing, eczema and
multi-drug resistant bacterial and fungal infections.