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Lead Poisoning Treatment and Prevention Program


Lead Poisoning Treatment and Prevention Program

Lead Safe House ExteriorFounded in 1969, the Lead Poisoning Treatment and Prevention Program (LPTPP) at The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore is the oldest and most comprehensive of its kind. The Program is recognized both nationally and internationally as a model for others focused on the prevention and management of lead poisoning in children and pregnant women.

The roots of the Lead Poisoning Treatment and Prevention Program lie in the work and vision of its founder, Dr. John F. Rosen, a pediatrician, researcher and authority on lead hazards for children, under whose leadership the program grew to become the largest lead clinic in the nation. In 1993 the program became the home of the downstate New York Regional Resource Center for Lead Poisoning Prevention, sponsored by the New York State Department of Health.

Lead Exposure: Still a Significant Public Health Concern

Significant progress has been made to reduce the number of U.S. children poisoned by lead. However, lead exposure remains a major public health concern with the potential to affect brain development and cognitive function. An estimated half a million young children are lead poisoned currently because of continuing exposure to lead-containing paint applied to surfaces in old homes, as well as to new items, such as toys and cosmetics, and many other sources of lead exposure.

Help for Children and Families at Various Stages of Need

The LPTPP's highly experienced team of clinicians and experts relies on a multiservice approach to address all aspects of lead poisoning, including:

Community outreach and education
Medical treatment
Parenting, advocacy, counseling and life skills
Temporary, lead-safe housing

We invite you to learn more about the LPTPP. Feel free to contact us with questions about our program and the services we provide.

Lead Poisoning Treatment and Prevention Program