Patients & Families


Your Hospital Visit

Caring for Your Child

Our staff will check in on your child hourly during the day and every two hours at night, which we call “rounding.” We will ask about your needs and your child’s comfort related to the five P’s—pain, potty, position, play and/or parental concerns.

During Your Child’s Stay

To facilitate the healing process for your child, we offer several services to enhance your experiences at CHAM. Complimentary lunches are available to parents or guardians staying with children receiving care at the hospital. Lunches are served in the Family Learning Place Monday through Friday from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm and in the units on weekends. Please ask your nurse for details. 

We Encourage Quiet Rest for Our Patients

Please be respectful of your neighbors. Avoid loud talking, phone, television and music noise. Please use headphones, especially in the evenings.

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