Pediatric Residency Program

Pediatric Residency Program

Clinical Experience

Postgraduate Year 1


Intern year is primarily dedicated to the inpatient experience at The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, where, under the supervision of senior residents and attendings, interns serve as the central clinicians. The three inpatient floors are divided by age group and subspecialty, offering a unique learning environment for interns to manage a variety of both common and complex pediatric disease processes, as they occur, at different developmental stages. 

In addition to the inpatient experience, intern year consists of a variety of outpatient experiences, including a month of Behavior & Development, and an elective month dedicated to a subspecialty of each intern’s choice, as well as rotations through subspecialty clinics. One afternoon each week, every intern and resident takes care of their own patients in continuity clinic. 

Interns spend a month in both the newborn nursery (NBN) and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at the Jack D. Weiler Hospital within the Einstein Division.  While at Weiler, interns learn and practice neonatal resuscitation skills, attend deliveries and become familiar with the management of common problems in the NICU, as well as healthy newborn care.  

In addition to learning clinical management skills, interns begin to develop as teachers of third and fourth year medical students.

Clinical Experiences Blocks (4 weeks, Total 13)
Well Baby Nursery 1 (+ up to 1 month of cross covering)
CHAM 6: Hospital Medicine, Adolescent, Endocrinology 1-2
CHAM 8: Hospital Medicine, GI, Cardiology 1-2
CHAM 9: Hospital Medicine, Renal, Liver, Surgical, Heme/Onc 1-2
Behavior and Development 1
Emergency Department 1 (+ cross covering)
Elective 1
Outpatient Clinics (OPD) 0-0.5
Jeopardy 0.5-1
Vacation 1


Postgraduate Year 2

Near the end of PGY-1 year each intern will select a career track depending on their elective preferences and professional goals. Over the course of PGY-2 and PGY-3 years, each resident will participate in 3 program-determined educational units and 3 career-focused electives selected by the individual resident in discussion with the Program Director/Associate Program Director and Faculty Mentor. For residents with substantial research interests (i.e. MD/PhD), Track 2 can accommodate their interests by utilizing the career-focused electives and the research elective. This must be discussed and approved by the Program Director and is accompanied by additional expectations with regard to research productivity.

Career Tracks

Track 1 (Primary Care) Track 2 (Acute Care/Subspecialty)
Full-time Clinic (4 weeks) Advanced Subspecialty Elective (4 weeks)
LINCS* (2 weeks) LINCS* (2 weeks)
Same Day Visits OR Urgent Care Teaching Rotation (2 weeks)
Private Practice (2 weeks) Radiology (2 weeks)
Newborn Nursery Senior (2 weeks) Pediatric Anesthesia (2 weeks)
3 Career-focused Electives 3 Career-focused Electives

*Our medical home for children with multiple conditions and complex chronic disease

Using the knowledge base established during intern year, the PGY-2 year is devoted to cultivating skills for independent clinical decision making, team leading and teaching. On inpatient floors, PGY-2’s act as supervising residents, conducting rounds and guiding interns through patient management. Inpatient units include: General Pediatrics, Hematology/Oncology, Adolescent Medicine as well as teams that cohort Surgical Subspecialties, Renal, Bone Marrow/Renal/Liver Transplant patients. PGY-2's also spend time in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), gaining exposure to critically ill patients. A crucial component of the PGY-2 year is increased elective time, which provides residents with the opportunity to explore their personal interests in the pediatric sub-specialties, general pediatric private practice and research.

Clinical Experiences Blocks (4 weeks/cycle, Total 13 cycles)
CHAM 6: General Pediatrics
                Adolescent Medicine
0.5 (days)
0.5 (days)
CHAM 8:  General Pediatrics 0.5 (days)
0.5 (nights)
CHAM 9: General Pediatrics, Renal, Liver and Surgical Subspecialties, Transplant 0.5 (days)
Hematology/Oncology: Inpatient
1 (days)
0.5 (nights)
Emergency Department 0.5 - 1 (nights)(+ cross covering)
Elective (Career-focused + Optional) 4.5-5 (combination of 2 and 4 week blocks)
Back-up Jeopardy 0.5
Vacation 1(as two 2 week cycles)


Postgraduate Year 3

Senior residents work to hone their teaching and mentorship skills in the supervisory role on both the inpatient floors and intensive care units. A dedicated rotation as Admitting Senior allows 3rd year residents an additional forum in these roles. Seniors are also responsible for managing patients on the inpatient Cardiology/Gastroenterology unit during both days and nights, as also care for patients on our transplant and surgical subspecialty teams and adolescent and general pediatrics teams at night. Additionally, 3rd year residents participate in a Community Health rotation. There is continued elective time along with a 4 week call-free elective in which residents have the opportunity to explore a variety of interests, including global health experiences, continued research, or hospital and private practice medicine.

Clinical Experiences Blocks (4 weeks, Total 13)
NICU 0-1
CHAM 6: Hospital Medicine, Adolescent, Endocrinology 0.5 (nights)
CHAM 8: Cardiology/Gastroenterology 0.5 (days)
0.5 (nights)
CHAM 9: Hospital Medicine, Renal, Liver, Surgical, Heme/Onc 0.5-1 (nights)
Floating Senior(general inpatient teaching and admitting) 0.5-1 (days, in 2 week cycles)
Emergency Department 1 - 2 (+ cross covering)
Child Advocacy  0.5
Community Health 1
Elective (Career-focused + Optional) 3-4 (combination of 2- and 4-week blocks)
Call Free Elective 1
Jeopardy 1 (in 2 week cycles)
Vacation 1 (in 2 week cycles)


Core Electives

Infectious Disease

Non-core Electives

Adolescent Outpatient
Advanced Subspecialty Electives (after core)
Child Psychiatry
Global Health
Hospital Medicine
LINCS (complex & chronically-ill pts.)
Newborn Care
Outpatient Pediatric Surgery
Palliative Care
Patient Safety and Quality Improvement
Private Practice
Rehabilitation Medicine
Same Day Visits
Teaching Elective
Urgent Care

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