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The Adam Gaynes Pediatric Neuro-oncology Program prides itself in a team-based approach to the complicated problem of tumors within the nervous system of children.  The pediatric neurosurgeons are firm believers that the best outcomes occur when a team of specialists attacks a complicated problem and routinely call upon colleagues of other surgical specialties at The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore to plan and assist in their surgeries.  Talented Head and Neck surgeons help when tumors grow to spaces surrounding the skull and spine surgeons assist in cases where the stability of the spine is in question.  Skilled chest and abdominal surgeons help our neurosurgeons reach nervous system tumors that have grown into those spaces or that are best approached via those spaces.  Highly subspecialized, experienced Plastic surgeons are available and used to assist in repairing disfiguring tumor resections, even when large amounts of tissue need to be transplanted from other areas of the body.  The availability of such collaborative teams has gained Montefiore a reputation for tackling problems deemed inoperable by other institutions.

The Adam Gaynes Pediatric Neuro-oncology Program’s surgical arm has been provided all the tools necessary to meet the most complicated problems and is proud to be able to meet the challenges it is presented with and to help push the boundaries of pediatric neurosurgery to meet and defeat cancers invading the nervous systems of children.

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