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The Adoption Program

Adoption Program


A Comprehensive, Ongoing Approach

Pre-Adoption Consultation


We offer several types of pre-adoption consultation. The first type is a one-time, one-hour consultation. Families can ask general adoption questions, or ask for a medical review of referral information. The second type is for families who have received a referral and would like ongoing consultation where they have 24/7 access to our team for up to one year. They can continue to communicate with Dr. Schulte, ask questions, send updated reports on their child and contact her while they travel . Our services include reviewing the child’s information, including medical records, video files and photos; providing an analysis of the child’s medical information and explaining any identified medical conditions or related issues; discussing developmental and behavioral expectations; and offering advice to make the child’s transition into the family’s home successful.

Post-Adoption Services

After adoption, Dr. Schulte offers a full range of medical services, including performing a complete physical examination and a growth evaluation; conducting an assessment of infectious disease risks; providing immunizations; and making referrals to address any medical, mental health, learning or development issues. Based on an assessment of the child’s nutritional status, we can develop a plan for feeding, sleeping and related issues. We can also assist with issues that arise during the child's transition into the family’s home .

Ongoing Care

Our services include ongoing, comprehensive pediatric care, as adopted children may have medical, behavioral, mental health, attention and learning challenges, or developmental, social and emotional needs that relate to their adoption. Even when working with another pediatrician, parents are welcome to seek a consultation with the Adoption Program.