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The Sickle Cell Anemia Program


The Sickle Cell Anemia Program 

A sickle cell anemia diagnosis changes the course of your life. As you age, the risk of complications rises, and may include stroke, infections, and problems with major organs like the brain and heart.

The Children's Hospital of Montefiore (CHAM) is developing and improving advanced screening methods for frequent sickle cell anemia complications. We screen every sickle cell patient, and if we detect complications we perform life-saving transfusion therapy.

Advancing screening methods for sickle cell complication is just one shining example of CHAM's commitment to researching and advancing treatment of this complex disease. Our patients have been actively involved in clinical trials nationwide to explore new treatment methods. Breakthroughs include transitioning patients from infusion therapy to medical therapy, researching the role of genetics in predicting strokes among siblings, and using sophisticated imaging studies to examine oxygenation of blood in the brain. We also provide an outpatient sickle cell blood disorder day hospital as part of our ambulatory treatment program, giving children access to the care they need without the added stress of a hospital stay.

We're dedicated to developing new agents, treatments and protocols that minimize and prevent the complications and pain that plague children and adolescents who suffer from sickle cell disease.