Quality & Performance Improvement

Portfolio Status 

All faculty physicians in the Department of Pediatrics are required to maintain certification by the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP)—the leading industry standard for excellence in care—and demonstrate their competencies in pediatric excellence by completing various activities endorsed by the ABP, including quality improvement activities and a board exam every 10 years.

During this certification process, physicians must also demonstrate skill in improvement initiatives by participating in and completing a QI project. These projects must be endorsed by the ABP or an accredited Pediatric Portfolio Sponsor in order to complete the Performance in Practice portion of their overall maintenance of certification process (MOC). 

CHAM is one of only a handful of pediatric hospitals in the United States to receive the prestigious Pediatric Portfolio Sponsor designation through the American Board of Pediatrics by demonstrating a rigorous, integrated, high-capacity QI program.

Pediatric Portfolio Sponsors review all applications and endorse QI projects for the Performance in Practice section of board certification and create an integrated curriculum for faculty to complete their board certification. 

This integrated educational approach allows us to make improvements that benefit our patients and their families. 

Sickle Cell Disease Quality Improvement Initiative
Sickle Cell Disease Quality Improvement Initiative

With the mission to improve the health of sickle cell disease patients, Dr. Manwani leads an initiative aimed at decreasing the length of hospital stay and the 30-day readmission rate for this population.