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PI Group Projects

Adolescent Medicine

Improving Treatment of Sexually Transmitted infections Detected During Admission of Adolescents to a Children’s Hospital for Unrelated Illnesses
Orquidia Torres, MD
Improving Overweight and Obesity Brief Health Assessments and Targeted Interventions in the Montefiore School Health Program


Mumtaz Darbar, MS, CPA
Judy Aschner, MD
Optimizing Physician Templates to Improve Patient Access
To Improve the Process of Ordering Supplies on the Unit


The Impact of Long CHAM Preoperative Wait Times and Lack of Communication on Parents' Perception of Care


Kenan Stern, MD
Improving Timeliness and Efficiency in the Outpatient Echocardiography Laboratory
Structured CMR reporting

Critical Care

Protocol Driven Management of Convulsive Status Epilepticus (CSE)
PCCU Sleep Project
Resuscitation Ready: Interdisciplinary TEAM response to Acute Events

Emergency Medicine

Catherine Sellinger, MD
Improving HIV testing in response to the State mandated HIV testing law in the CHAM ED
Maya Haasz, MD
Improving Throughput for Pediatric Emergency Department Patients Requiring Orthopedic Consultation


Improving Access to Pediatric Patients with Thyroid Nodules and Thyroid Cancer
Liana Gabriel, D.O.
DKA Guidelines For The Non-Hyperosmolar Patient (serum glucose less than 600 mg/dl and osmolarity less than 320 mOsm/L)
Improving Accuracy of Height Measurement
Kristina Derrick, MD
Improving Throughput for Pediatric Emergency Department Patients Requiring Orthopedic Consultation


Timely and Appropriate Preparation
ImproveCareNow: Improving the care and health of children with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis
Screening for Depression and Suicidal Ideation in Children and Adolescents with Chronic Liver Disease

General Pediatrics

Improving Access with Reminder Calls Comprehensive Family Care Center- CFCC
Increasing the rate of “Warm Handoffs” in the Pediatric (BHIP)
Jillian Coolidge, RN
Linking Individual Needs of Children with Services (LINCS) Oral Health Project
Bridging the Gap Advancing Pediatric Practitioner Practice: Transitioning Youth from Pediatric to Adult Oriented Medical Care
Improving Asthma Screening and Adherence to Asthma Management Guidelines: PRAGMATIC Study

Genetic Medicine

Elaine Pereira, MD
Improving Patient-Provider Time
Improving Show Rate


Sickle Cell Disease Quality Improvement Initiative
Risk Assessment for Venothromboembolism in Children: A QI Project
Pediatric sickle cell action plan

Hospital Medicine

Diana Lee, MD
Reducing 7-day Pediatric Readmissions
Julie Dunbar, MD
Project REVISE: Reducing Excess Variability in Sepsis Evaluation
Priya Jain, MD
Improving Primary Care Provider (PCP) Follow Up Appointment Utilization On Hospital Discharge
Optimizing Communication
Evaluation and Improvement of Inpatient Pain Assessment and Management at the Children's Hospital at Montefiore
Improving Patient Experience Response to Pain Control for Inpatients at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore


CHAM Performance Improvement Project Reducing Hypothermia in Preterm Infants admitted to the NICU at Wakefield
Optimization of Parenteral Nutrition and Growth in the Very Preterm Infant: A Quality Improvement Project
The Wake Project: Improving safe sleep practice (SSP) in the Wakefield NICU
Increasing Timely Discharges
Improvement in the Treatment of Acute Primary Headache in the ED
Yogangi Malhotra, MD
Improving Exclusive Breastfeeding in the MNR Newborn Nursery
Zahava Cohen, RN, MSN, RNC-NIC
Initiating a Primary Care Nursing Model in Weiler’s Neonatal
Transitions of Care: To Decrease Newborn Appointment No-Show Rates


Prescription Rates of Folic Acid


Elvia Payne (PICU) Patricia Veintimilia, RN (ED)
Pediatric ED to PICU Throughput Improvement Project
Laura Holihan, RN & Katrina Vukel, RN
Door to Discharge Throughput
Sheila Buchanan, CPNP &
Kris Mahadeo, MD
Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infection Prevention
Susan Velasco, RN
Preventing CAUTI


Multidisciplinary Approach to Parent Education to Improve Medical Decision Making and Informed Parent Consent for Pediatric Tracheostomy

Pain Management

Veronica Carullo, MD
Improving Access to Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Children with Chronic Sickle Cell Pain


Pediatric Ambulatory Subspecialty Services "No-Show" Analysis and Improvement


Basirat Shoberu, PharmD &
Kris Mahadeo, MD
Improve Reporting of Acute-Graft-Versus-Host Disease (aGVHD) Assessment
Gifty Edusei, PharmD
Impact of a Pediatric Pharmacist
Philip Lee, PharmD
Pharmacy-directed Vancomycin and Monitoring Pilot Program

Respiratory and Sleep Medicine

Reduction in Asthma


Decrease the readmission rate of asthmatic patients at CHAM

School Health Program

Ariel Sarmiento, MPH, CPH
Increasing Asthma Medication Administration Forms in three Elementary Schools
Jodi Bailey, MPP
Improving Follow Up Visits at PS 105 for Acute Asthma Events
Margee Rogers, DNP, RN, FNP-BC
Measuring the Adolescent Patient Experience in School-Based Health Centers
Improving Identification of Adolescents with Persistent Asthma in a School-Based Health Center Setting Through Increased Use of EPR-3 Asthma Severity Screening
Improving Annual Assessment and Follow-up of Depression in the Adolescent School Health Population


Jennifer Lapponese, MHA/INF
Kidney Waitlist