Research and Clinical Trials



Pediatric investigators at CHAM are making breakthrough scientific discovery to advance child health and prevent and treat devastating diseases. As the Pediatric Hospital for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine—one of the nation’s premier biomedical and clinical research institutions—CHAM provides a collaborative environment where multidisciplinary research is the norm and where leading edge technology is applied to the healthcare challenges facing our nation’s children. 

Backed by more than $37 million in total and over $17 million in NIH funding in 2016, CHAM investigators are pioneering new approaches and therapies to prevent and treat chronic pediatric conditions, such as asthma, obesity, autism and sickle cell disease as well as life-threatening diseases of childhood, including cancer, neonatal lung diseases and infectious diseases. 

CHAM investigators are engaged in the full spectrum of pediatric research from basic genetic, biochemical and immune mechanisms of disease to clinical/translational research to community based health services research, comparative effectiveness research and quality and process improvement science. 

Our efforts have led to the development of new treatments for childhood diseases, new and safer models of healthcare delivery and improved outcomes and quality of life for the children we serve at CHAM and around the globe.