About CHAM

About CHAM

Our Standards of Excellence


We value each individual, honor the dignity of each patient, and protect privacy and confidentiality.

Effective Communication

We keep our patients and the entire healthcare team well informed by listening carefully; welcoming feedback; sharing information and medical knowledge in a clear and meaningful way; and creating a safe environment to express ideas, opinions and feelings.


We show consideration for the needs and feelings of others by appreciating the diversity of those we serve, and focusing on the needs and concerns of patients, families and staff in an environment where trust and respect can flourish.


We demonstrate excellence, integrity, compassion and accountability in our work by providing healthcare that is family-centered, timely and evidence-based, and commit to ongoing professional development and adherence to the highest ethical principles.

Exceeding Expectations

We anticipate and respond to patient needs quickly, ensure follow-through, provide exceptional service and offer assistance with a positive attitude to all who seek our care.


We serve everyone with kindness and sensitivity by acknowledging others in a polite and considerate manner; showing discipline under stress; using courteous language and behavior; and offering assistance to patients, families and visitors.


We focus on shared goals, put the needs of our patients and the team above self-interest, and value collaboration across disciplines and with families and the community; we share information and ideas for improvement, contribute consistently and dependably as team members, and acknowledge and value everyone’s contributions.