Stroke, also known as a CVA (cerebrovascular attack) or brain attack is the interruption of blood flow to an area of the brain that results in brain cells not receiving the oxygen and nutrition required.  Death can occur to those cells within minutes.  As the zone of cell death in the brain grows so does the extent of its dysfunction.  The type of dysfunction that results is related to the area of the brain that has been affected by the stroke.  Approximately 15% of individuals who experience a stroke will develop progressive tightening of muscles (termed spasticity) in a limb or an entire side of their body.   Over time this can result is alterations in the pattern of use of the limb and in muscle contracture.

The specialists at Function have an expertise in the treatments used to manage abnormalities in muscle tone and its resulting affects on functions such as walking or grasping and holding objects.  Additionally, some of the treatments offered at Function can alleviate pain associated with the muscle tightness seen after a stroke.   After an evaluation a coordinated treatment plan will be devised that draws upon the groups knowledge and abilities.  Treatments that will be considered include:

  • Physical therapy and occupational therapy
  • Oral medications
  • Orthotics and assistive devices
  • Nerve injections (BOTOX, Phenol, Alcohol)
  • Selective neurectomies
  • Tendon lengthening and transfers

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