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Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC)

The Division of Adolescent Medicine at CHAM provides the full range of contraceptive counseling and management for pregnancy prevention and menstrual management. In addition to short acting methods such as oral contraceptive pills and injectable depotmedroxyprogesterone acetate we also provide long-acting methods that include the contraceptive implant and hormonal and copper intrauterine devices (IUDs) for adolescents.

Contraceptive implants and IUDs available today are much safer with fewer complications compared to those available in the past. These are contraceptives with the highest efficacy. They are long-acting (3 to 10 years) and are suitable for nulliparous adolescent girls and are not associated with increased risk for infection.

The IUD is a particularly safe and effective contraceptive method for girls with chronic health conditions that preclude estrogen use. In addition, the levonorgestrel IUD is indicated for thetreatment of anemia resulting from heavy menstrual bleeding, including bleeding related to coagulopathies and are frequently used for menstrual suppression for girls with intellectual disabilities and gender non-conforming adolescents and young adults.

Faculty in the division are available for in-person and telemedicine consultations for patients interested in learning more about contraceptive or menstrual management options to make the right choice for them. We are available for e-consults for providers.

Please refer patients to the patient access center at 718-741-2450

Patient information:

Faculty performing procedures:
Dr. Sofya Maslyanskaya (IUD and Implant insertions/removals)
Dr. Neal Hoffman (IUD and Implant insertions/removals)