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Bronx Nutrition and Fitness Initiative for Teens (B’N Fit)


Bronx Nutrition and Fitness Initiative for Teens (B’N Fit)

B’N Fit Specialty Weight Management currently offers a hospital practice-based provider assessment and a tailored treatment plan that best suits individual needs including referrals to community-based nutrition and physical activity resources and parent support for healthy lifestyles.

B’N Fit POWER adapted B’N Fit activities to a school setting through collaboration with the Mosholu Montefiore Community Center (MMCC), the Montefiore School Health Program (MSHP), PS/MS-95, and Wellness in the Schools (WITS).   B’N Fit POWER was created to provide a safe environment for community teens in need of comprehensive weight loss and wellness services.  B’N Fit POWER currently offers a health screening and wellness assessment conducted by MSHP staff as well as both on-site and virtual participation in the B’N Fit POWER Afterschool Program where youth adopt lifelong healthful nutrition and physical activity habits. B’N Fit POWER after school programming is now also at PS 19 and PS 20.

Our Team
Jessica Rieder, MD, MS
Partners: MMCC, MSHP, WITS, PS/MS-95, PS 19, PS 20

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To make an appointment for B’N Fit Specialty Weight Management, please call 718-741-2450.


B’N Fit Specialty Weight Management
Children's Hospital at Montefiore
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