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Individuals who have disuse muscle atrophy are candidates for TES. The muscle must be innervated (the connection between the brain, nerve and muscle must be intact). A child must be at least two years of age and be of average size and weight. The individual must also have a definite diagnosis for the muscle atrophy. The family must be committed, as this is a daily program administered at home.

Contraindications for TES

Contraindications for TES include pregnancy and implanted devices such as pacemakers. Obese individuals require careful consideration as it is difficult for the stimulation current to penetrate through the fat tissue to the muscle. Caution should also be taken in an individual with seizure disorders. The seizures should be well controlled before starting this program. TES does not cause or exacerbate seizures, but it is always recommended that seizures be controlled before any new treatment is begun. It is also important to understand that although TES will augment current treatments, it cannot prevent or replace surgical intervention.