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Pediatric Neurosurgery at CHAM has a reputation for treating cases that other medical centers have thought too complicated. While offering a wide range of medical and surgical treatments to children with often complex nervous system disorders, our multidisciplinary team of specialists uses a combination of leading edge technology and a compassionate yet forthright bedside manner with children and their caregivers.

Below are a few examples of how the Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery at CHAM is at the forefront of advances in:

Leading-Edge Technology

Our division offers the most cutting-edge surgical techniques possible while minimizing the risk of complications for the children we treat. Our surgeons have been instrumental in developing new technology that allows them to map elements of the nervous system during surgery and then monitor their integrity as the operation progresses. In fact, CHAM is one only two centers in the region with this state-of-the-art computer technology. The result is a decreased risk of injuries-including paralysis-from the surgery.

We also understand that little things can mean a lot. Case in point: MRIs can be scary for a child. With this in mind, we’ve invested in a virtual entertainment system that allows patients to watch their favorite movies while having an MRI. Your child wears a goggle-like viewer over their eyes, which displays their favorite movie. The system includes headphones and a microphone, which allows the MRI technicians and patient to communicate during the procedure.

The CinemaVision system helps children relax, decreases anxiety, reduces the need for sedation while undergoing MRI exams—resulting in better quality images, less time spent in the MRI and scans that are more accurate. In addition, your child can bring in their favorite movie or choose from our selection and connect using an Apple device. 

Enhanced Patient Education

We take a forthright approach when discussing our patients' conditions with them. Our staff of caring experts believes that their young patients are integral members of the treatment team and deserve frank, age appropriate interactions with their caretakers.

Our pediatric nurse practitioner has more than 20 years of experience educating both children and their families about neurosurgical illnesses and treatment options. The goal of these efforts is to give the child and their family a sense of mastery over the illness confronting them. We find that children gain a sense of security in knowing that those around them understand their problem and are caring for it.

Family-Focused Care

In order to make children feel more comfortable going into surgery, we do not separate them from their parent. A parent-frequently accompanied by a child life therapist-brings the child into the operating room and stays until the child is asleep.

A child life therapist is also available to play act the steps of the upcoming treatment using dolls and answer any questions the child may have, going through the whole process in order to minimize anxiety and to foster conversation between the child, their parents and caregivers.

Our service is committed to curing children of their neurosurgical illnesses in a manner that preserves the family's and child's psychological health. We share the family's goal for the child to reach their fullest potential.


Craniofacial Center

Our Neurosurgeons work closely with craniofacial and plastic surgeons. Our team of specialists is among the most recognized and respected in the world. They’ve helped thousands of children born with birth anomalies, complex craniofacial tumors and post-traumatic craniofacial deformities.