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At The Children's Hospital of Montefiore, we are committed to assisting people who lack health insurance to obtain necessary medical care. We understand that some healthcare bills may seem daunting, and that patients in need of specific treatments or procedures might feel hesitant in seeking them due to potential hefty costs. Montefiore's Patient Financial Services can help patients discover financial solutions, such as free or low-cost insurance and government programs specifically designed to lower healthcare costs.

If you do not have insurance, our counselors will assist you with determining your eligibility for free or low-cost insurance, as well as government assistance, including:

  • Medicaid: This program is designed for New Yorkers who cannot afford to pay for medical care, funded by the state and federal government. Medicaid may cover you if you have high medical bills, if you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or if you meet certain income, resource, age or disability requirements. If you are eligible, Medicaid will cover expenses such as hospital care, doctor bills, nursing home coverage, home care and prescriptions.

  • Child Health Plus: Depending on your family's income, your child may be eligible for Children's Medicaid or Child Health Plus. Both programs are available through dozens of providers throughout New York State. Families with somewhat higher income pay a monthly premium.

Qualifications for these programs change frequently. Even if you did not previously qualify for a specific plan, your status may have changed, so check back to see if you can qualify.

If you have health benefits that do not adequately cover your medical expenses, we can work with you to arrange a manageable payment plan. Additionally, if you do not qualify for free or low-cost insurance, we will help you obtain a reduced fee based on your income and family size for emergency services rendered or medically necessary procedures through Montefiore's Financial Aid program.

When visiting the Montefiore Financial Aid office, please bring your latest tax records or proof of income (i.e., pay stub or letter from your employer). If you have questions, please call 718-920-5658. Montefiore's Medicaid/Financial Aid representatives can lead you through the entire process and are available at all hospital locations.

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