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At CHAM, each child and teen is treated by some of the finest children’s heart specialists found in the New York metropolitan area. Our team of cardiac experts has cared for thousands of young patients with some of the most complicated cardiac conditions, including:

Children with complicated heart diseases and defects are best served when treated by pediatric doctors trained in the management of their unique medical and developmental needs. At CHAM, our skilled team collaborates in a unique, child-friendly atmosphere that fosters all of your child's medical, developmental and social needs.

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Patient Story: Caroline Cobb
Patient Story: Caroline Cobb

When Caroline Cobb was diagnosed with a condition known as Premature Ventricular Contraction (PVC), which made her heart beat irregularly, she and her family left their home in Kansas and made a visit to CHAM. Dr. Robert Pass—Director of the Pediatric Catheterization Laboratory and Director of Pediatric Cardiac Electrophysiology—mapped her heart and identified precisely where the irregular heartbeat originated. To correct the issue, Dr. Pass delivered a radiofrequency current and her heart now beats normally.

Caroline is back home and looking forward to spending the holidays with her family and friends.