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Early Fetal Echocardiography


Early Fetal Echocardiography

Experts at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore are specialized in performing early fetal echo as early as 12 weeks. With state of the art equipment and specialized training, the majority of critical heart disease can be diagnosed at this early stage allowing families to explore available treatment options as early as possible.

When is an early fetal echocardiogram recommended?

An early fetal echo is recommended when there is a:

  1. A family history of congenital heart disease including a prior child or mother with congenital heart disease
  2. Exposure to medications that may put the fetus at risk for heart disease
  3. Abnormal findings on an early ultrasound scan including abnormal nuchal translucency, an abnormal fetal heart rate, or abnormalities seen in the heart or other organs
  4. Abnormal results from genetic testing or
  5. A history of in vitro fertilization resulting in a twin pregnancy