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Sickle Cell Anemia

Reducing risk through screening innovation

The risk of complications from sickle cell disease increases as our patients age and can include stroke and infections or problems with the brain, heart and other major organs. CHAM is working towards developing and improving advanced screening methods for frequent complications in an aim to improve the efficacy of treatment.

CHAM screens every child and adolescent with sickle cell disease. If complications are detected,
 our expert physicians excel at performing life-saving transfusion therapy.

A reputation for leading sickle cell research

Advancing screening methods for sickle cell complication is just one shining example of CHAM’s commitment to researching and advancing treatment of this complex disease. Our patients have been actively involved in clinical trials nationwide to explore new treatment methods.

At present, we are participating in a stroke study, funded by the National Institutes of Health, aimed at helping patients make a successful transition from transfusion therapy to medical therapy. Right here at Montefiore, we are performing groundbreaking research into the role of genetics in predicting stroke among siblings with sickle cell disease, using sophisticated imaging studies to examine oxygenation of blood in the brain.

In addition, CHAM is examining the use of methadone for treating chronic pain and studying the relationship between sleep apnea and likelihood of stroke. It is our very passionate and committed goal to continue to develop new agents, treatments and protocols that will minimize and prevent the complications and pain that plague our community’s children and adolescents who suffer from sickle cell disease.