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Childhood Cancers and Blood Disorders

Addressing the physical, medical and emotional needs of children with cancer and blood disorders requires a complex mix of highly specialized care, state-of-the-art technology, child-centered facilities and a passionate, skilled team of physicians and support staff. At The Children's Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM), our reputation for excellence in treating pediatric cancer and blood disorders stems from our pioneering role as the first and only hospital in the New York City area to offer virtually everything needed for the care and treatment of these children — all under one roof.

Child-centered care, leading-edge treatment

While many healthcare facilities are equipped to treat children with cancer and blood disorders, CHAM is first and foremost a children’s hospital, designed specifically to accommodate the emotional and physical needs of children who are coping with difficult and traumatic illness. Our buildings, amenities, treatments and focus are all geared towards one goal — providing the very best treatment in the very best environment. From the whimsical décor, to playrooms, learning centers and bedside computers, every aspect of our hospital is aimed at making an inherently difficult situation significantly less traumatic, disruptive and stressful for our patients and their families.


At CHAM, we have a floor fully dedicated to pediatric cancer and blood disorders, where our patients benefit from the most current diagnostic tools, technological advancements and treatment options – all in the hands of  world-class pediatric specialists and sub-specialists. We now offer leading-edge bone marrow transplantation and the area’s only National Institutes of Health-funded Sickle Cell Center. Having all the options in one place and the ability to integrate treatment approaches has helped us continuously improve the outcomes for the children we treat.

Extensive, distinguished support for patients and their loved ones

Coping with childhood illness can be challenging for the entire family, and our skilled support staff of nutritionists, physical therapists, Child Life workers and social workers is dedicated to helping us care for families with minimal disruption to their lives and the lives of their loved ones. We are also committed to minimizing hospitalization through our Day Hospital, which for painful procedures offers enhanced ambulatory care, including outpatient chemotherapy and anesthesia. Extended clinic hours help accommodate the demanding schedules of today’s busy families.


Devoted to progress through research and development

CHAM’s commitment to battling cancer and blood disorders in children and adolescents means offering our patients access to the latest treatment agents and options as they become available. As part of the Children's Oncology Group (COG), an international consortium of pediatric
cancer centers dedicated to advancing treatment for children with cancer by combining global resources and expertise for clinical trials, our patients have acces to the newest national and international clinical trials available. In addition, we are also strongly focused on developing new treatment agents and approaches here at Montefiore and working to bring them to the clinical trial phase as quickly as possible.

Our academic affiliation with Albert Einstein College of Medicine, an National Cancer Institute-funded cancer center, results in the availability of unique treatment options for our patients.

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