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Asthma Treatment

The immediate area surrounding The Children's Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM) and its neighboring suburbs generates one of the highest rates of pediatric asthma in the country. As a result, it constitutes one of the major reasons many children seek emergency care and it is the leading cause of admission to our emergency room department.

Asthma Treatment Suite

Asthma Treatment Suite

Our Asthma Treatment Suite — the first one established in the New York metropolitan area — was designed with tiny babies through adolescents in mind. The warm colors, televisions and lack of cumbersome equipment create a friendly environment, which is pleasing to the eye and accommodating to both parents and children. Lining the entire length of the Asthma Treatment Suite is a "wall of oxygen," which can accommodate up to 20 kids in need of immediate attention simultaneously.

The wall of oxygen in the Asthma Treatment Suite.


Patients may be admitted to this room following the initial assessment at triage. Our goal is to quickly identify the severity of the case, determine how to treat it and send patients home without delay, so they may continue with their daily routines. We have physicians, nurses, subspecialists and therapists who are specially trained to deal with asthma problems, ranging from a persistent cough to a severe asthma attack. Furthermore, the Pediatric Emergency Department services continue outside the emergency room, as we discuss patients' asthma treatment with their primary care physicians in a way that, hopefully, will prevent them from returning to the emergency department in the future.

Asthma Treatment Suite - Emergency Medicine

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