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About Social Work Training

The J.E and Z.B Butler Child Advocacy Center offers second-year social work students a one-year internship in child advocacy.

What Every Social Worker Needs to Know About Child Abuse
Social Work Training: Overview
Who Can Apply to the Program?
How Do I Apply?

What Every Social Worker Needs to Know About Child Abuse

Every year in the United States, more than three million incidents of child neglect, battery or sexual abuse are reported. But actual incidence of abuse is three times as high, say many pediatric experts.

There's no question, as a social worker you'll see many children who have been victimized by violence—and even more kids at risk.

But will you recognize their injuries as symptoms of abuse?

Because along with bruises, welts and other obvious signs of violence, child abuse includes a wide range of subtle signs, symptoms and behaviors that often go unnoticed or ignored.

Social Work Training: Overview

At Butler Center our nine-month—September-May—social work training program provides you with a solid foundation in familial and psychosocial aspects of child neglect and sexual and physical abuse.

Supervised by one of the country's leading child advocacy social workers, you participate in hands-on training at a Center that pioneered medically based child advocacy in the United States.

Training at Butler Center helps you confidently:

  • Conduct forensic interviews: You'll learn how to build rapport with children during interviews, elicit their stories without asking leading questions and gather evidence for prosecution.
  • Manage psychosocial assessments of the child's family
  • Provide crucial crisis intervention for children and families
  • Work with a multidisciplinary team made up of the country's foremost social workers, physicians, nurses and representatives from the Bronx District Attorney's office, law enforcement and the Administration for Children's Services.

Who Can Apply to the Program?

Social work students in their second year of study are encouraged to apply for training at Butler Center.

As a Butler Center child advocacy intern, you'll work directly and daily with abused children. Applicants must be prepared to hear detailed, first-hand accounts from children of their physical and sexual abuse-and witness their psychic and physical injuries.

How Do I Apply for Training at Butler Center?

To apply for social work training at Butler Center, please speak with your school's Director of Field Work.

For more details on our program, contact Carol Perlman, Butler Center's Coordinator of Social Work Services, at 718-920-4043.

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