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Helping Bronx families heal after child abuse

Like to turn life around for an abused child from the Bronx? Looking for meaningful volunteer work that lets you use your head–as well as your heart?

Explore the links below or call 718-920-6429.

Learn more about the J.E and Z.B Butler Child Advocacy Center
Find out what sets our medically focused child advocacy center apart from other child advocacy programs.

Come along for an online tour of Butler Center
Curious about Butler Center? Come along for a photo- and fact-filled tour created for kids–adults welcome, too!

We're Moving Mountains for abused kids with disabilities
Find out how our advocacy program helps abused children with disabilities.

Get information on the Harriet Feinman Volunteer Program
Put your organizational skills and tenacity to work for abused children.

Make an online donation
Help an abused Bronx kid today. Donate now.

See how your donation is used
Get an overview of our client services and financial breakout of 2007-2008 revenue and expenses.