The Geraldine Richtand Pediatric Marrow & Blood Cell Transplantation Program


Our Team

The Pediatric Transplantation and Cellular Therapy Program at CHAM is comprehensive and relies on a multi-disciplinary approach to allow successful outcomes.  Michelle Lee, MD, PhD, serves as the Director of the TCT Program at CHAM.  Other team members include:  Manjusha Namuduri, MD; Lead APP Danielle DeFeo; Nurse Practitioners Mary Jo Holuba, Belen Soraire, Jennie Fong, and Tara Foisset; Physician’s Assistant Yona Wagshul; Pharmacy Clinical Specialist, Carli Beall; Sheila Buchanan, Clinical Nurse Specialist; Donor Advocate, Denise Velasquez; and Clinical Research Coordinator, Michael Monza.  We also work closely with physical and occupational therapy, nutrition, Child Life, and Social Work to ensure that we provide holistic care to our patients.