The Geraldine Richtand Pediatric Marrow & Blood Cell Transplantation Program

The Geraldine Richtand Pediatric Marrow & Blood Cell Transplantation Program


Outpatient Clinic Visits:

We continue to use a holistic approach to your post-BMT care. At each visit, you will be placed directly into a patient room upon arrival. Phlebotomists or nurses will obtain your blood-work upon arrival. You will then be seen by a BMT Coordinator and then a BMT Physician. At each visit, child life specialists and social workers are available to see you. A Pharm D will then review your medication list with you, at your weekly visit and assist with your pillboxes if needed. If you are scheduled to recieve an inhaled medication at one of your visits, this will be performed by respiratory therapy in your exam room. Our Program Assistant will assist you in setting up sub-specialty appointments if needed and provide you with an appointment calendar.

Late-Effects Clinic Visits:

When you are first discharged from the hospital we follow you closely and frequently. Once you are stable and your immune system has recovered we will see you less frequently and eventually only once or twice per year. These visits are to promote your long term health and screen for any late effects which may be associated with BMT. We will coordinate with your dentist and ophthalmologist, monitor your growth and nutrition, assess need for vaccinations, screen for endocrine complications and secondary malignancies. We will also review your academic progress and career goals and any psychosocial concerns. If you opt to pursue college, we will review potential scholarship funding with you.

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