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Pediatric Surgery


Conditions We Treat

CHAM is proud to offer a variety of surgical treatments for patients ranging in age from newborns to young adults.

ThinkstockPhotos-71704713_316x210Because of our comprehensive specialties, distinguished surgical team, involvement in research, and commitment to serving our community, we aim to offer procedures that meet the needs of your child, from common conditions to specialty care. We are able to treat minimally invasive conditions and offer long-term treatment solutions for serious conditions.  

Our relations with our neonatal and critical care units enable us to offer multidisciplinary care for your young one, no matter what the reason for seeking medical attention. We treat adolescent bariatric patients to help them attain a healthy weight. We are able to offer full-spectrum treatment for gastrointestinal patients experiencing tummy troubles, including Hirschsprungs disease; and use thoracoscopic techniques and ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) to enable us to treat your little one’s lung.

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