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As a leading division within a university hospital, CHAM’s Psychiatry division educates, trains, and fosters a number of individuals, including Psychosomatic Medicine fellows, Child Psychiatry fellows, Psychology interns and externs, as well as rotating residents from Neurology and General Pediatrics.

The results of a seamless collaboration between CHAM, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and the New York City Children’s Center’s Bronx Campus, this Child Psychiatry Fellowship program develops skilled practitioners, fuels breakthrough research, and delivers much-needed services to children, adolescents, and families.

Over the first half of the two-year program, fellows receive outstanding training in clinical assessment and treatment, diagnostic practices, short-term therapies (including evidence-based training in CBT and DBT), long-term therapies, and psychopharmacological management skills. Academic time is protected and includes adolescent development and pathology, child psychopharmacology, clinical case conferences, family therapy, and eating disorders in adolescents.

In the final year, fellows concentrate their skills, studies, and experiences into a core discipline, with a focus on child development, advanced pediatric psychopharmacology, and an in-depth clinical seminar. In addition to on-site experiences, fellows rotate through a college health service and an innovative pediatric outpatient site in which they practice consultation as an embedded child psychiatrist. Fellows write and present a graduation paper which can lead to a poster presentation or publication. Many fellows elect to engage in research projects, gaining first-hand experience in advancing the field.

To learn more about training in child psychiatry and how to apply for the fellowship, please visit the Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry website