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The LEAP Low Birth Weight Infant Evaluation & Assessment Program at CHAM

At CHAM, we offer the best care for the most vulnerable babies. When a baby is charged home, he or she will have a pediatrician or a family doctor who will be responsible for the child's on-going pediatric health care.

For infants who have continuing specialized health needs and are at risk for delayed development, we offer LEAP, the Low Birth Weight Infant Evaluation & Assessment Program/High risk infant follow up. During a baby's LEAP appointment the baby will be evaluated by a neonatologist and/or developmental pediatrician who is an expert in the follow-up care needs of high risk babies. We work along with your pediatrician or family doctor and any specialist doctors that take care of your baby. The LEAP clinic focuses our efforts on preterm infants born younger than 33 weeks at birth, babies born with low birth weight (under 1500 grams or 3lb, 5 oz) and babies who have required cooling therapy, ECMO treatment or complex heart surgery. Through periodic screening and assessment up to age three, we detect developmental delays early on, so your little one can start treatment right away.

We also offer screening and referrals for Early Intervention Services. For more information or to make an appointment, call us at 718-904-4105.

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