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Perinatal Safety Program

The Perinatal Safety Committee addresses the safety and reliability of systems-based practice and to ultimately improve patient safety and health outcomes. This multidisciplinary committee meets monthly and reports to the Performance Improvement Committee. Problems that manifest as errors, near misses, or safety concerns are brought to the attention of the committee which is primarily concerned with improving the systems that our providers operate under to improve the quality, safety, and ultimately, outcomes for the healthcare that we provide to our patients.

Fellows are involved in performance improvement projects that have systems-related issues and are invited to participate in this committee when appropriate. Fellow membership on this committee is offered to fellows who have an interest in exploring and improving systems-based care. Technological and mechanical solutions are employed when helpful, but improving communication and teamwork are frequently the primary means of achieving improvement in these domains. In this way, simulation-based training is driven by the agenda of this committee.

Perinatal Safety Committee leadership participates in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Safety Committee who in turn has representation on our committee. This allows for the most effective collaboration and synergistic approach to improving health care delivery across the continuum, from the prenatal patient to hospital discharge and beyond.

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