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Infant Bioethics Review Committee

When your baby is in critical condition, you're often faced with difficult decisions. These choices may intertwine with both personal and medical ethics-and our Infant Bioethics Review Committee is here to help.

Depending on the nature of the problem, the Infant Bioethics Review Committee may meet with the medical caregivers, parents, and family members to help clarify issues and reach decisions. The committee may also meet separately with the patient's caregiving team to address health care policy and patient care issues.

We understand the stress that infant illness places on a family. That's why we offer confidential access to trained bioethics professionals. These professions educate both parents and health care professionals through a range of tools and resources.

Anyone can request a meeting with the Infant Bioethics Review Committee. Simply call the Division of Bioethics at 718-920-6226 or 718-904-2299, the Neonatology Office at 718-904-4105, or the Patient Relations Office at 718-904-2395.

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