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Inflammatory Bowel Disease

US News BadgeThe Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) program at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore is dedicated to providing excellent care and improving the health and quality of life of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases, including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. IBD are chronic relapsing inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases causing severe diarrhea abdominal pain and weight loss that can lead to life-threatening complications.

At Children’s Hospital at Montefiore we have a committed exceptional multidisciplinary team of physicians, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, dieticians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, and psychologists working together to provide state of the art quality care with the ultimate goal that all children with IBD should lead normal, productive lives.

Meet the Pediatric IBD Team

Clinical Team 

Gitit Tomer, MD
Director, IBD Program

Inessa Normatov, MD

John Thompson, MD

Alexa Goldfarb, MD

Kathleen Shea, NP
Nurse Practitioner

Jacqueline Ortega, RN

Irina Strogach, MS, RD, CDN

Vivian Vallejo, LMSW
Clinical Social Worker

Research Team

Kayla Pryce
Research Specialist

Farah Romero

    Quality and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    The Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore participates in a national Quality Improvement network, ImproveCareNow where clinicians, researchers, patients and families are working together to transform the health, care and cost of children and adolescents with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. A team-based approach to medical care is helping children and adolescents with Crohn's Disease and ulcerative colitis get well sooner and have better outcomes in terms of their disease and their quality of life. We have been involved in continuous quality improvement projects including pre-visit planning, improving visits within 200 days, screening of social determinants of health, and transition to adult GI.

    • In 2023, Patients’ Remission rate was 83%.
    • In 2023, Patients’ who are not taking Prednisone was 93%.

    Preparing for second opinion visit

    Please make sure that all required medical records are sent to the center before you come in for your appointment. Necessary information often includes:

    • Clinic records and lab results
    • Pathology reports and biopsy slides from previous endoscopic procedures
    • Imaging – copy and reports from any radiology testing (MRI, CT, UGI, etc.)
    • Growth chart from the primary care physician
    • List of medications

    Please send this information to:

    Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program 
    Children's Hospital at Montefiore 
    111 East 210th Street 
    Bronx, NY 10467 

    Phone: 718-741-2332
    Fax: 718-515-5426


    3415 Bainbridge Avenue 
    Bronx, NY 10467

    Tower Two
    1250 Waters Place
    Bronx, New York 10461

    33 Davis Avenue
    White Plains, NY 10601


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