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From the toddler who resists brushing to the teenager who knocks a tooth out while skateboarding, the Division of Pediatric Dentistry is here to help.

We focus on helping alleviate anxiety in patients of all ages, educating kids and parents about oral hygiene and injury prevention, and providing basic dental care from infancy through adolescence, in addition to treating more complex dental conditions.


Comprehensive Dentistry

Checkups, cleanings, X-rays: we do what any dentist would do in private practice, but we’re also able to treat more complex conditions and children with special needs. When general practice dentists or pediatricians have patients whose dental needs are best treated in a hospital setting, they refer them to us. Our team of specialists is trained and ready to treat a wide variety of conditions.

Education and Injury Prevention

To keep your child’s smile healthy, we give parents a list of guidelines for hygiene and safety. Not sure when to start brushing your baby’s teeth? Need some advice on using fluoride? Our pediatric dentists will fill you in on everything you need to know, starting in infancy and on through toddlerhood and adolescence. 

We’ll tell you when to look for that first shiny tooth to cut through your baby’s gums, when to expect teeth to wiggle and fall out, and when to look out for other milestones, like molars and wisdom teeth. We’ll let you know what you can do at home to keep your child’s teeth healthy and strong.

Once those teeth come in, you’ll want to keep them intact. From learning to walk, to rogue soccer balls, to scooter spills, childhood is full of dental danger zones.  We’ll recommend strategies to help prevent oral injuries.

Harold Diner Special Care Dentistry Center (SCDC)

The Harold Diner Special Care Dentistry Center was founded in 1965 by Dr. Harold Diner. Today, the dental program provides comprehensive dental care to children and adults with developmental disabilities and a variety of chronic medical conditions. A highly skilled staff offers wide-ranging special care dental services which accommodate the unique needs of this population. The facility is also able to offer sedation on an out-patient basis, which makes dental treatment possible for the most apprehensive and behaviorally resistant patient.

Interceptive Orthodontics

Generally, orthodontia starts around age 12, but early orthodontics for younger kids can help avoid more extensive treatment later. Misaligned jaws can cause wear and tear on teeth, difficulty chewing, headaches and orofacial pain. Early orthodontic treatment can address these issues.

Speech Pathology

Dental issues in children can lead to problems with speech. For example, Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMD) affect the way kids speak and swallow. Other facial abnormalities, issues with placement of the tongue, or misalignment of the jaw can also interfere with speech. Our speech pathologists are here to screen for and treat these problems so kids can communicate clearly.