Intra-abdominal Solid Tumor Program

Intra-abdominal Solid Tumor Program



At CHAM, we draw on the expertise of Dr. Daniel Weiser (pediatric oncology), Dr. Steven Borenstein (pediatric surgery), Dr. David Loeb (pediatric bone marrow transplantation), and Dr. Jana Fox (radiation oncology) to provide the comprehensive multi-disciplinary care that is required for a child with neuroblastoma to be cured of cancer. We have extensive experience in treating children with all stages of newly diagnosed and relapsed neuroblastoma. As a member of the Children’s Oncology Group, we participate in clinical trials that bring the most cutting edge therapy, including MIBG treatment, to children and advance our understanding of this often difficult to treat cancer.

Research and Innovation

In addition to participating in Children’s Oncology Group clinical trials, children with neuroblastoma have access to dozens of investigational agents available through local clinical trials and collaborative consortia. Dr. Daniel Weiser directs our research efforts at CHAM and runs a neuroblastoma research laboratory where his team is focused on improving outcomes for patients with highly aggressive disease. He and his team work with other physicians and scientists to discover new diagnostic and treatment approaches, such as the use of ALK inhibitors, for children with neuroblastoma. All children with neuroblastoma are evaluated for a genetic cause of cancer through our pediatric cancer genetics clinic.