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Liver Tumors


At CHAM, we have world-renowned experts in pediatric liver tumors, such as hepatoblastoma and hepatocellular carcinoma, and pediatric liver transplantation, including Dr. Dominique Jan (Director, Pediatric Surgery), Dr. Joe Golowa (pediatric interventional radiologist) and Dr. Daniel Weiser (pediatric oncology). Comprehensive care for children with liver tumors, whether benign or malignant, is imperative, and we ensure a compassionate, personalized and innovate approach to achieve an optimal outcome. When transplantation must be part of the treatment plan, CHAM is the place to be. All treatment plans are developed after multi-disciplinary tumor board meetings.

Research and Innovation

At CHAM, we bring together a comprehensive team to care for your child with a liver tumor. Pediatric oncology, hepatology, and liver transplant/surgery ensure the most contemporary and individualized treatments. Nanoparticle drug delivery systems and targeted radiation beads are two novel approaches we consider for certain unresectable liver tumors. In addition, we offer enrollment on clinical trials through the Children’s Oncology Group and other consortia to advance care for children with liver tumors, such as through personalized approaches to treatment intensity and medicine that promotes retention of hearing despite ototoxic chemotherapy. All children with liver tumors are evaluated for a genetic cause of cancer through our pediatric cancer genetics clinic.