Intra-abdominal Solid Tumor Program

Intra-abdominal Solid Tumor Program

Germ Cell Tumors


Germ cell tumors are a diverse group of cancers that require broad and integrated expertise. At CHAM, we coordinate your child’s care under the leadership of Dr. Daniel Weiser (pediatric oncology) who works closely with pediatric surgeons, gynecologic oncologists, urologists, and radiation oncologists when necessary. A main priority of our treatment approach is preservation of fertility whether your child is a young infant or adolescent.

Research and Innovation

As part of one of the largest health systems in the country, CHAM offers access to specialists and subspecialists who meet regularly to discuss optimal care for every child diagnosed with cancer. Through this multi-disciplinary approach, we are able to provide exceptional care for your child, particularly in challenging situations when the treatment approach may not be straightforward. The strength of our program at CHAM lies in the personalized attention you receive from each and every member of our treatment team.